Airtable Script: Helpers for Email Automations

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Here are two helper scripts for sending Airtable email automations in conjunction with a "Find Records" action. See for a demo.

  • An email automation always sends, even if there are no records found, which can be confusing for some recipients. The conditionalEmailAddress script helps you redirect your email to a "junk" address if no records are found.
  • You may want to include summary information for the information in the found records. The sumNumbers script calculates the sum of a number field across all the found records.

You must insert these scripts after the "Find Records" action, but before the "Send Email" action. Then use the output from these scripts when composing your email. 

These very short scripts contain only a handful of lines of code each, making them very approachable for both no-coders who need just a little code, and the code-curious who want a simple example to learn from. The script comments include links to Airtable documentation and JavasScript references to help the code-curious to learn how the script works.

  • Num scripts included
  • Lines of code per script
  • Num scripts included2
  • Lines of code per script4-10
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Airtable Script: Helpers for Email Automations

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