Airtable App: Email Table

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Unlock premium features of the Email Table App in one Airtable base. Use the same license for multiple instances of the app in the same base to use different email templates. Use premium features as long as the app is installed in the base with no recurring subscription fees.

This app uses an email table for sending emails.

  • setup your email templates by including field names in double curly braces: {{field name}}

  • merge your record data with an email template by click a button field that calls this app

  • view and optionally edit the merged contents before it is saved as a new record in the email table* 

  • use Airtable automations or a third party service to actually send the email

*The newly create record will have a truncated version of the message unless you have a premium license.

Get the app on the Airtable marketplace. See a video walkthrough.

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Airtable App: Email Table

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